Living H20 – Come thirsty, leave refreshed!
You’ve seen the logo and maybe you’re wondering why we’re talking about water. Water is needed for life, and Jesus himself has promised us in John 4 to provide us with “living water.”

We’ll discover what that means through our main sessions:

  • Session 1 – Who Gives Living Water?

  • Session 2 – Created by Living Water

  • Session 3 – Re-created with Living Water

  • Session 4 – Serving with Living Water

  • Session 5 – Connected to Living Water

  • Session 6 – Sharing Jesus through Living Water

We will learn more about this living water from our main stage presenters, but we will also have the opportunity to gather in smaller groups for an H20 break where we get the chance to go a little deeper into the ideas presented on the main stage.